Terms & Conditions - Slighean (Motorcycle Tours)

1 Reservations & Deposits

A reservation is made when the completed booking form and deposit have been confirmed by Slighean. Bookings by telephone must be confirmed in writing or e-mail and received within 7 days accompanied by the appropriate deposit.
In return Slighean will send a confirmation invoice with details of the tour including costs, dates and joining instructions, as known, at time of booking. Slighean agree to operate your selected tour as stated from website and / or brochure description and unique identifier.

The contract is deemed to have been made at Gordons Mill, Balblair, Ross-shire Scotland and is therefore governed by Scottish law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.

2 Balance

The balance for all bookings is to be received by Slighean eight weeks before the tour is due to commence. If the balance has not been paid then we regard your participation in the tour as being cancelled. Cancellation charges will be levied.

3 Cancellation

A cancellation can only be accepted in writing or e-mail and takes effect when we receive it at Gordons Mill. Cancellations received 8 weeks or more before tour commencement will involve loss of deposit.

Cancellation charges are applied thus:-

a) Cancellation notifications received between 6 to 8 weeks of tour start will result in 50% of monies received being reimbursed, minus the deposit.

b) Cancellation notification received between 4 to 6 weeks before tour start will result in a 50% credit being granted by Slighean for 12 months from cancellation notification towards another, subsequent Slighean tour where practicable.

c) Cancellation notification received less than 4 weeks before tour start will result in no refund of any monies paid.

In any / each of these cancellation events there will be a £25 administration charge levied, per person.

In the event of you cancelling, you may transfer your booking to another person at our discretion. However you will be liable for the administration costs and remain responsible for the nominee paying the monies in full within the required time.

4 Tours

Slighean will do everything within our powers to ensure tours are operated as close to the description advertised. Situations do however arise which are out with our control and, may result in material changes. If such circumstances arise we reserve the right to alter or curtail the itinerary. We reserve the right to alter the tour, substitute leaders or accommodation if necessary. You will be informed if this takes place. If major changes to the tour take place, we will inform you and advise the following alternatives are available:-

a) accept the new arrangements.

b) accept an alternative holiday if available (with you paying

any additional sums or, alternatively Slighean refunding you the difference if of lesser cost)

c) cancelling your chosen tour for a full refund.

d) Slighean offering compensation based on:- over 8 weeks - nothing, between 4 to 8 weeks £25, under 4 weeks £50.

A major change is defined as significant deviation from the route or itinerary described in the advertisement you booked.

Issues which Slighean will not offer compensation for are ones wholly out with our control or, which are unusual, and were not reasonably foreseeable when the tour was designed e.g.; war, terrorism, riots, civil disturbances, employment strikes, nuclear disasters, epidemics, fires, adverse weather conditions, and fuel supply disruptions.

In addition to the above, no compensation is payable if the balance is not paid on time or the tour is cancelled due to insufficient bookings. Save for the compensation in d) above we will be under no further liability to you. We also reserve the right to change any of the prices advertised in the brochure / website before we enter a contract with you and if there is a change we will notify you in writing or by email. Slighean reserves the right to cancel tours up to 6 weeks before start if insufficient numbers are obtained. In this case we will offer alternative tours or a full refund of monies paid.

Slighean will endeavour to fully explore the special sites and points of interest mentioned in the brochure or website. However we reserve the right to modify the POI visits depending on whether adverse climatic conditions for driving and site visits increases risk to the group, individuals, and leader(s) or circumstances out-with our control occur.

5 Liability

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure holidays are as advertised and properly arranged. The hotels, points of interest, and restaurants we use are reputable and in the main categorised by VisitScotland.

We will accept liability as a direct result of our negligence or breach of contractural duty in making arrangements for you including acts or omissions by any agents we use.

We will accept liability for death, bodily injury or illness arising out of our proven negligence or that of our employers or sub contractors or agents providing they were acting in the scope of their employment at the time.

Claims in respect of the above matters shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Scotland. All claims must be made within 28 days of the end of your tour.

Our tour guide can offer assistance to resolve small mechanical issues or provide advice and communications support in vehicle recovery or maintenance however we are not liable for the result of such advice or the resolution. Slighean is not required to realign any tour itinerary in the event of mechanical or other form of un-serviceability of a clients motorcycle consequently unable to continue with the main group. One hour may be afforded to try to resolve the issue after which time the tour will continue and Slighean will only be required to give notice of future rendezvous points to enable client catch up with the main party. Continuous serviceability problems of clients motorcycles will result in Slighean requiring clients withdrawal from the tour with no refund due.

We cannot accept liability for delays or losses due to ferry services failing to operate due to circumstance out with our control.

We cannot accept liability for mechanical breakdown on motorcycles hired by you under your own account. Any such losses will be borne by the hirer.

We are not responsible for personal belongings due to theft or other loss of luggage, cameras, GPS and other personal items. We require you have adequate personal insurance to cover these items and for any accidents, illness, death, or personal injury to driver and / or pillion.

We accept no claims arising out of your own acts, or omissions, nor those of third parties not directly associated with the tour.

Depending on your origin you may find the culture and customs of Scotland and its laws and regulations odd.

Please talk to the tour guide to assist with your conducting yourself in a manner which is conducive to the continuation and wellbeing of the tour, and other tour clients. Slighean and its nominated tour guide reserves the right to judge behaviour and, if disruption occurs the tour guide has the right to disallow any client to continue the tour. In such cases of unruly or unacceptable behaviour Slighean will make no refund or be liable to any compensation.

6 Surcharges

It is unlikely that surcharges will be levied however in the case of large fluctuations in fuel or accommodation charges Slighean reserves the right to charge up to 5% more in the case of cost increases other than minor fluctuations which Slighean will absorb. We will provide detailed information on the reason for surcharges on written request and you will be informed by Slighean of any surcharges at the earliest opportunity. If surcharges to be levied are more than 10% of the total tour price you are entitled to cancel the tour for a full refund. To exercise this right Slighean must be informed in writing or e-mail within 14 days of the invoice date.

Highland accommodation in general is poor in serving single occupancy and if you have specific requirements for single occupancy there will be a surcharge where this is possible. Twin or double rooms are the norm. Prices are based on sharing twin or double rooms.

7 Complaints

If you have any complaints on the tour please notify the tour guide at the earliest opportunity so that there is a chance to address them immediately. If you are not satisfied with the intervention or the results please notify Slighean in writing or by e-mail within 28 days of your tour ending.

8 Personal data

As per the UK data protection act we are required to inform you of the fact that basic details will be kept on our computer system for use by Slighean and no other parties. We will endeavour to protect such information from other parties and if you wish to be removed from our system please contact us in writing or by e-mail.

9 Documents required

If arriving from out with the UK you require a valid passport with an expiry date of at least 6 months from your date of entry. No extra visa is required for Scotland. You will require a full motorcycle licence, personal and vehicle documentation and if you have arrangements with a motoring association the relevant policy numbers and contact details.

10 Insurance

As per section 5, above, you are responsible and contractually required to have adequate insurance to cover you and any pillion passenger.

This should cover medical, sickness, and personal risk including any likely repatriation, ambulance or other rescue service whilst motorcycling. Slighean require written evidence of this prior to the tour starting. It is your responsibility to provide this. You are also responsible for ensuring you have a comprehensive breakdown package to cover which should include cover for repatriation of you, your pillion and your motorcycle and riding gear if unable to continue due to serviceability issues. Slighean also recommend cancellation insurance is obtained.

11 Personal Protective Equipment

A helmet is mandatory in the UK. Due to the Scottish climate we recommend warm, water proof clothing, good riding boots, gloves and an oversuit. In the evening casual / smart clothing will suffice.

Any luggage / personal effects you require will be your responsibility however on some routes overnight stays will be arranged so that luggage can be left in accommodation at your own risk. This will be identified on the itinerary.

It is the clients responsibility to ensure luggage carrying capacity is adequate when hiring a motorcycle.

12 Group size, motorcycling general conditions and riding standard

Slighean take great pains to ensure your tour is as fine an experience as possible. We spend a great deal of time and effort in checking routes and accommodation to afford you a tour that amuses, fulfils, and hopefully enchants you. To this end we use mid price range accommodation, typically family run. These provide comfort and drying facilities which are very welcome after a day exposed to the worst of Scottish weather. The group size is clamped to ensure guides can deliver a high standard of safe efficient motorcycling and provide clients with facts, anecdotes and, information on culture, history, flora and fauna and, topography of the Scottish highlands. We have a passion for the areas covered and hope to pass this on.

It is your responsibility to ride within the law in Scotland. You should obey national speed limits and note that there are specific hazards on our roads which the tour guide will update the group at briefings.

Note also Scotland imposes quite severe drink driving penalties and very often the issue is the “morning after” effect.

Slighean believes that staying within the speed limits actually allows the rider and pillion to better experience the tour, stay within the law, and promote a responsible rider standard. The driver is responsible for any traffic fines incurred.

UK traffic all drive on the left hand carriageway and by staying in a group you will be reminded by virtue of following the tour guide especially at transitions where you rejoin main roads, after breaks for fuel or comfort stops. If clients wish to break away from the group to explore at their own pace then Slighean will only be responsible for providing regroup and overnight accommodation location details. We will not carry out additional journeys to find and lead any lost clients to any stop over points It will be the responsibility of the individuals to pay for any meals or coffee breaks out with those organised by Slighean.

Last updated St Andrews Day, 2017.

Slighean (Motorcycle Tours) is a trading name belonging to Gavin Meldrum